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New Zealand studies abroad application
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Visa of New Zealand student is restricted without special age, without English requirement, nescient all previous is restricted. Applicant should have good economic requirement, the tuition that can pay preparation all time that keep in New Zealand and maintenance. Tuition of a year makes an appointment with New Zealand 15, 000 New Zealand money, living cost makes an appointment with 7000 New Zealand money one year. If there are better job and satisfactory family in home, can raise visa to be led successfully.

New Zealand studies abroad the data that must provide

Big a inch of photo 6 pieces

Be born notarial

Relative relation is notarial

Record of formal schooling is notarial (or the school issue reading a proof, must be notarial)

In the report of school (school official seal, must be English)

Study specification (why does the specification choose this course and the plan after going back to the motherland, must be English)

Bank deposit proves (need security economy origin to prove)

The relation of student and security proves (notarial)

Without guilty notarization (above stays 2 years in new residence)

Valid passport (if not have, usable be born notarization is replaced)

Employer is believed (letter paper of unit letter head, demonstrative service fixed number of year, year official seal of income, position, unit)

Appoint hospital check-up to report (above stays 2 years in new residence)

Certificate fee: Heir addiction?00 yuan

New Zealand studies abroad application procedure basically is divided to enter a school applies for and study abroad visa files two parts, what since of these two application becomes independent also is closely related, enter a school applies for the success that to studying abroad visa applies for to have very big effect.

Enter a school applies for a process

The first pace: The channel that student and its parent should carry all sorts of likelihoods understands New Zealand to reach its to teach system and educational quality, know the tuition that the student studying abroad needs every year and living cost. Make the decision that whether applies for to study abroad according to these information next.

The 2nd pace: According to the student particular case, make reasonable and feasible study plan, know the fundamental condition of New Zealand school, submit application of enter a school to relevant school and division department. Obtain the detailed introduction of relevant school and division department and application material.

The 3rd pace: According to the specific requirement of the school, fill in all sorts of application form case, the data that preparation requires (need English or the Jiashangyingwen of Chinese translates a) , complete application the data submits the branch of international student recruit students of the school, hand in poundage signing up. Await the admission notice of New Zealand school.
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