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Australia applies for school place to require data

1, fill in the application form of enter a school that the school offers
2, the application fee that pays school requirement, general 50-150 bay money differs.
3, the certificate of acquired record of formal schooling, diploma, fair certificate that studies report
4, be in so school student, reads course reachs the proof of grade
5, IELTS report.
6, if have working experience, want the proof that experiences about the job
7, 18 years old of the following students offer birth certificate
8, offer the recommendation that writes by schoolteaching teacher
9, individual allegation
10, two pieces of two very little certificate are illuminated

England studies abroad school application material

1, notarial deed of highest record of formal schooling, degree reachs Xerox or reading a proof
2, notarial deed of report of highest record of formal schooling and photocopy (Sino-British file)
3, detailed self introduction letter
4, resume
5, the individual that chooses to major explains
6, the recommendation of professor or scholar 2 - 3
7, employer recommendation 1 (if have)
8, Id photocopy
9, him passport photograph 4 pieces
10, photocopy of English exam achievement (if have)
11, other and auxiliary material (if have)

Canadian school application material

1, English resume of the applicant
2, Personal Statement
3, notarial deed of highest record of formal schooling, degree (Xerox) or reading a proof
4, performance of two the year's harvest is weak recently notarial deed (Sino-British file) (have school official seal)
5, pedagogic recommendation 2 - 3
6, employer recommendation 1 (if have)
7, photocopy of Id, booklet of registered residence
8, photocopy of English exam achievement (if have)
9, other and auxiliary material (if have)

Study abroad American application material

One, the data that needs school preparation includes

1, after school of student make choice of, we can let a student see an information table about that university, the content on that news list will be clear draw up student tuition of the first year, living cost will have gotten the economy that arrive to aid financially. After the student looks, after doing not have doubt certainly, we will beg a student to sign on news list. The I that waits for us to help a student apply for - the amount on the charge on 20 watches and this news list that the student signs is conform to!

2, the Chinese and English report that the lid has school government seal (the form that the achievement on report wants conversion to become GPA) and Chinese and English reading a proof (the graduated Sino-British document that should offer diploma, inside the envelope that seals them the lid to have school government seal respectively, the heal that seal wants to pressing an envelope is built) ; If learn survival to did not graduate, so OK and OK " reading a proof " , reading a proof to still want to build official seal, hold special envelope inside, envelope heal also should press heal to be in affix one's seal.
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