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According to studying abroad expert introduction, holand government can undertake going up moving to college tuition gradually. Study abroad the expert says, at present the tuition of each college undergraduate students is Holand more 15 thousand ~4 10 thousand yuan of RMBs, the graduate student is 80 thousand ~12 10 thousand yuan; Be being adjusted this basically should be in the light of the undergraduate students character, study abroad the expert tells a reporter, rise extent is 5%~10% probably.

Dutch education quality is general taller, degree and diploma admit for international, although be moved on tuition, of Holand school study abroad sexual price is compared very tall still. Study abroad the advantageous element that the expert thinks favorable public order, reasonable living cost also is to attract a student; And Dutch visa is relatively easy, partial university can appear personally to assure for the student, from in last few years in light of the circumstance, visa can achieve 90% above into power. As we have learned, read Dutch number some closer year present ascendant trend all the time. Accordingly, study abroad the expert is forecasted, source of student studying abroad won't rise because of collecting fees get too big impact, dutch studies abroad the market still can continue to flourish.

Study abroad the expert says, holand studies abroad application admits only elegant consider success, and rise from 2006, elegant the preparatory study that the student that considers success 5 minutes needs to be accepted in Holand one year, achieve 6 minutes rear qualified the study that enters undergraduate course phase, the application time of each university is Holand to will come in Feburary more in April. (origin: Go abroad online)