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New Zealand studies abroad: This get warm again after a cold spell
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Roll out Chinese student to study abroad borrowing plan, enlarge project of graduate student fellowship, new Year beginning, new Zealand government extends olive branch to Chinese student studying abroad. Study abroad does loan publish a purpose where to? What does specific content have? Does New Zealand study abroad to whether there is tendency of get warm again after a cold spell this year? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed New Zealand to be stationed in Shanghai consul general to be in charge of what the orgnaization studies abroad on commerical department and Shanghai to seek advice from personnel.
Study abroad loan: Student, immigration office two convenient
The reporter is stationed in Shanghai consul general to be in charge of a commerical department to understand from New Zealand, chinese student studies abroad borrowing plan began go into effect on January 10, the applicant of any chinese mainland can be used study abroad loan will prove they are capable to pay in New Zealand leave tuition to use.
Introduce according to getting official of house commerical department, the purpose that rolls out this plan is the Chinese student that goes to New Zealand to study abroad to go to the lavatory application of conduction student visa. Well-known, in the cognizance process of student visa, deposit history is one of elements that need a consideration. Below some circumstances, the student proves its capital history very hard. And to New Zealand immigration office, cognizance capital history also very between take time. If the student is used,study abroad loan proves as capital, need not provide other bank data again when applying for visa. Study abroad loan makes the applicant proves its economy actual strength more easily, make New Zealand immigration office tries these application more easily.
Loan amount has different
To the student of course of direct study degree or course of other higher education, can apply for the loan of 300 thousand yuan of RMBs.
To other applicant, want to learn English for example, plus the student of preparatory course and diploma or degree course, the loan amount that can apply is 50-60 10 thousand yuan of RMBs.
To most applicant, the loan amount that they require is at least 50-60 10 thousand yuan of RMBs.
Loan time limit has a bottom line
Lowest asks to be 3 years. The applicant can choose loan period, time is 3-6 year.
Reimbursement has a demand
The applicant can press month, season or year reimbursement. Shift to an earlier date when the student only finish school or when ending study, just allow to shift to an earlier date reimbursement. Applicant must to extend the office of New Zealand immigration office of its visa applies for to open letter of a proof. Next they can prove by right of this the letter is dealt with to the bank ahead of schedule reimbursement. Be in only when to New Zealand the immigration office affirmed the applicant already stopped school work, trustworthy trade bank just allows to shift to an earlier date in reimbursement.
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