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She by elegant think of report to enter good name school successfully
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By IELTS achievement also can file top class American college admission notice, this is not idiotic nonsense! Jade depends on a piece of IELTS report of 6.5 minutes like the classmate, with one action realized the United States to study abroad dream, admission notice mixes the undergraduate course that obtains 5 American universities successfully to be as high as the fellowship of 22000 dollars every year.

Exam experience talks: Read show a good book

Since last term of second year in high school, if jade wears what hand carry prepares her to go abroad study abroad plan. At first country of first selection target is Canada or Holand. The university that takes an examination of country of the British Commonwealth is to choose IELTS of course, if jade does not have hesitation, advantage entered oneself for an examination with summer vacation IELTS coachs class. Will take an exam on August 20, the bottom will begin to prepare in June, mere 2 months time, if jade captures IELTS at a dash -- achievement comes out to comparative ideal: Average branch 6.5, force of its pleasant to the ear 8 cent, writing 5 cent, spoken language 6 minutes, read 6.5 minutes. According to this one achievement, basically can apply for to go to universities of all state of the British Commonwealth studying abroad.

Him refer prepares for war the experience of IELTS, jade is like a to sum up in a word -- read show a good book, surpass corrupt much demand perfection. "A lot of ' elegant friend ' reviewing when forring reference, spelled a life to buy this kind of book the sort of book, become a lot of indescribable problems, what to resemble ' guideline ' , such-and-such ' summit summit ' of and so on, I feel to for reference so is get half the result with twice the effort. I feel to for reference so is get half the result with twice the effort..

Audition is the strong point that jade is like

IELTS audition outstanding achievement of 8 minutes, rely on to listen repeatedly completely " Cambridge " practice comes down. "" Cambridge " 1-4, my altogether listened 5 times. Before 3 edges listen the edge becomes a problem, after listening to this 3 times, the sound that has taken an examination of officials to IELTS more is very familiar, their accent, speech, dialect, I can listen to differentiate to come out; Arrive after listening, I had been accomplished listen only in front 2, can will a few behind are carried on the back. can will a few behind are carried on the back..

Application experience talks: IELTS can apply for beautiful college

"Why Not America? " when should entering activity of foreign language role, if jade goes abroad to what him refer teachs outside a beautiful book study abroad plan, agitate teachs college of her application United States outside. Outer religion look, no matter IELTS or other English take an exam, it is the proof of ability of a foreign language only, can attempt American college completely.
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