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College of city of Christ of Aspect Oakland institute
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Oakland city
The economy of Oakland city New Zealand thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located, also be the place that big company first selection regards a lot of international as company headquarters, oakland is seagirt, sit the Li Detian that have figured woven silk material like that scene, provide the outdoors way of life of rich and colorful. If of your pursuit is cosmopolitan life breath, oakland is having the public house with a lot of elegant restaurant and distinctive color.
Aspect Oakland institute
Aspect Oakland institute is located in inside city one of the most flourishing areas, the position establishs park and red-blooded Newmarket division in beautiful Domain city between, the shop of various vogue inside the area, bar and cafe are bristly. Our campus is set inside a building with elegant and long history, the teacher that offerred education establishment includes 14 equipment to help somebody attain his aim, offer get online freely anteroom of the self-help study center of computer facilities, student and a beautiful garden and gazebo platform.

Course reachs begin school date:

Course of L English aggrandizement, level courses reachs the exam that ask a husband to groom course:

Every week one begin school (if Zhou Yi is the communal holiday of New Zealand criterion Zhou Er begin school)

L Cambridge exam grooms class

2007: On January 8(FCE, CAE 9 week)On March 19(FCE, CAE reachs CPE, 12 weeks)On September 17(FCE, CAE reachs CPE, 12 weeks)

L is elegant this the exam grooms class:

2007: On January 8; On Feburary 12
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