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Business school of work of New Zealand empress 9 years of recruit students
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New ZealandEmpress work business schoolIt is one is registered in New Zealand Ministry of Education, committee of qualifications and record of service of classics New Zealand (the higher education orgnaization that NZQA) record of formal schooling maintains, obtain New Zealand Home Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China to be stationed in the attestation of New Zealand embassy. Set English institute, university preparatory institute and business school, the qualification that has center of exam of government of British Cambridge university at the same time and attestation and attestation of commission of president of New Zealand university.
New ZealandEmpress work business schoolIn special training course, study family of directive, accommodation, close wait for a respect to enjoy great reputation in New Zealand with affable, efficient service. The student that in New Zealand empress industrial and commercial institute learns can obtain New Zealand country to unite certificate, also can obtain the advanced letter that international approves.
Language courses:

Curricular name

Requirement of enter a school




Opening date

Common English

13 years old of above

Primary go up exam can attend when every 6 weeks end to high student

12-48 week

Every week 25 hours
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