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Business school of New Zealand Oakland 9 years of recruit students
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AIS is founded 1989, many 1700 are in school student, 20% come from home, 80% come from abroad. Curricular diversity, agile, except have high quality education quality, still offer for students from receive machine serve all-aroundly to accommodation.
The advantage of AIS:
First of rank of  · New Zealand is the biggest private school, cooperate with numerous domestic and international university, record of formal schooling suffers the acknowledgement of China and New Zealand Ministry of Education.
 · fast eductional systme, it is 3 semester a year minutes (1, 5, in September) , the fastest 2 years of half achievable undergraduate course
 · accepts the credit of domestic grandfather, private university to transfer, rise only this, the fastest 1 year of achievable undergraduate course; Rise large only, the fastest 1 year
Achievable Master
The course of AIS divides in all the following 5 kinds big:
One, course of Master of MBA industrial and commercial management (eductional systme 18 months)
· international trade master's degree - MBA In International Business
· market learns master's degree - MBA In Marketing
· finance learns master's degree - MBA In Finance
· battalion carry and content shed master's degree - MBA In Operations And Logistics
2, baccalaureate course (eductional systme 3 years)
Courtyard of business school literature runs an institute
Project of software of * of baccalaureate of culture of language of accounting bachelor's degree runs bachelor's degree
The market learns system of information of * of baccalaureate of baccalaureate English teacher to run bachelor's degree
Technology of Internet of * of baccalaureate of tubal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties runs bachelor's degree
Network of computer of * of international trade baccalaureate runs bachelor's degree
Travel of baccalaureate of electronic business affairs runs bachelor's degree
3 computer course (eductional systme 1 year)
The diploma after bachelor of class of · Graduate Diploma In IT-7 (the emigrant course that add cent) , condition of enter a school: Record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, only
Course of study is not restricted, elegant this 6 are entered directly read, elegant this cent or 5.5 in-house exams can arrange interview 36 times.
· computer and information science and technology 3 class certificate (14 weeks) , 4 class certificate (28 weeks) , certificate of 5 class major (42 weeks)
4, CFS-Certificate In Foundation Studies of university preparatory course (eductional systme 28 weeks)
The CFS of course of preparatory of 3 class university of · AIS, condition of enter a school: High school graduates but average branch is less than 75 minutes, or the student that high school is reading,
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