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Card of New Zealand bosom asks a technical institute 9 years recruit students
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Bosom card holds a technical institute in the palm to be one of public and advanced academies with the largest New Zealand, full-time and blame full-time student exceed 24500, complete fat and pluralistic teaching and administrative staff are versed in 1200. The institute sets 12 branch department, be in respectively be located in Hanmierdu the 3 campus area of city and be located in interview of Oakland, peaceful area of 3 satellites campus opens person river in all more than 150 major and 2500 course. Offer an orgnaization as main professional higher education, institute and when all is offerred into the ground teach with the foundation that contacts cheek by jowl with the industry and advanced course, the rate of high obtain employment of the school is the important level that academic in order to measures a success.

The bosom blocks the dominant position that asks a technical institute:
1.Conceiving card to ask a technical institute is the public institution of higher learing with main New Zealand;
2.Be located in the Hanmierdu with mid island of New Zealand north city, traffic is convenient;
3.Advanced education equipment, classroom and lab distributing 3 cities at each city, campus environment is beautiful;
4.Specific aim of diversity of special training course, profession is strong;
5.Fast eductional systme, more set the emigrant course that add cent: Accept the credit of domestic grandfather, private university to transfer, rise only this, the fastest 1 year of achievable undergraduate course; Rise large only, the fastest 1 year of achievable Masters
6.Set full-time China office, take the life of overseas of makings China student studying abroad and study meticulously

Bosom card holds technical institute major in the palm to install





/ of graduate student certificate/ of record of formal schoolingHonorary degree

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