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Health Nai Er technical institute
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Academic brief introduction
The engineering college is dedicated to Kangnaierli offerring the education of high quality to serve for the student, we are offerred at present from English, professional chef course, IT, business division arrives market sale inside a series of course, this course will be mixed in New Zealand henceforth for classmates Australian job, emigrate and take advanced courses further level road.
The top-ranking education establishment that we offer, computer lab, the schoolteaching mode of class of the bottom class in a kindergarten, the division solvency of high level is measured, the teaching material that picks meticulously and coach material, get online freely, serve an item with what etc waits a moment, can give the leaves profundity in the future impression of classmates.
Classmates are in Kangnaierli the study of the engineering college, can get New Zealand not only, australia and certificate of record of formal schooling of Chinese government approbatory, still can get acquainted with come from world each district the classmate of different area and friend, abound oneself life experience.
We are cordial the arrival that welcomes classmates, realize your good future jointly!

Academic dominant position:

1. study sth in order to apply it, buckle actual newest course; closely
2. is learned and the faculty; with seasoned practice
The mode of education of the bottom class in a kindergarten of 3. high quality, classroom of more teachers and students are interactive;
The; of multimedia education support features of 4. modernization
5. graduates in this school study, can obtain three-year institution of higher learning of approbatory of New Zealand government not only 5, 6, undergraduate course 7 class certificate, still can obtain Australia public Charles is especially big learned baccalaureate (this degree is admitted by Chinese Ministry of Education, detailed circumstance can land website of government of Chinese Ministry of Education: consults) . In New Zealand active land settlement policy falls, above diploma all can apply for a technology to emigrate, the computer diploma of 7 degree undergraduate course / the graduate of IT baccalaureate and professional chef course (29 years old the following) in New Zealand active land settlement policy issues application need not work when immigrant assure can apply for PR directly.

English course
International communicates English
Time: 4-48 week;
Tuitional: Full-time and weekly 370 new money, half duty is weekly 270 new money;
This course encourages classmates to undertake freely actively communicate and interacting with English.

TOEFL and IELTS English
Time: 4-24 week;
Tuitional: Full-time and weekly 370 new money, half duty is weekly 270 new money;
This course is aimed at the study that classmates did not come to and emigrant and special design, undertake dividing into classes according to the actual English level of every classmate.
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