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New Zealand conceives card to ask a technical institute
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Project brief introduction:
Build school: 1993
The location of a school: Hanmierdu
Learn unripe number: 6000 people
Teach a worker number: 400
General situation: Bosom card asks a technical institute only then built 1993, it is one of technical institutes with the biggest New Zealand. The school is located in Hanmierdu downtown, be already halcyon the progenitive area of the agriculture that flourishs again and thoroughbred horse. From here drive car goes Oakland city needing half hours only, and go the thing is coastal the communication of the ski field of seaside and upper zone is very easy also. Hanmierdu's climate is very friendly comfortable.  
At present the full-time student number of the school is 4500, have 120 student studying abroads among them.
Project content:
Have course:
  conceives card to hold a technical institute in the palm to offer varied course, arrive from diploma of diploma, specialized subject have everything that one expects to find of study certificate course. The school is all course the approval of approvals board of qualification of learning of classics New Zealand, accord with international standard.
  is tuitional from 5500 New Zealand yuan (be restricted one semester) to 15500 New Zealand yuan differ.
What award course to have:
·Agriculture and horticulture
·Commerce learns
·Design and transmission learn
·Electronic engineering
·Guest is entertained learn with travel
·Information technology
·Mechanical engineering
·Nurse with hygiene
·Office technology
·Science / sports
School year arrangement:
  major course in Feburary begin school. The school still gets used to course to just opened enter a school into the student studying abroad of school, in January begin school of the last ten-day of a month.   will be mixed in Feburary in July but the course of enter a school has commerce to learn, technology of office technology, English, information, and protect a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, other course all is in in Feburary enter a school. Arrangement of board and lodging:
Means of   optional accommodation has a family to lodge or student apartment, weekly expenditure is 150 New Zealand about yuan.
The establishment inside school:
  school offers excellent study facilities for the student, include a two cafeteria, gymnastic room, nursery school, psychology to seek advice from service, hygiene and other moneybags establishment. Professional institute learns skill center to offer study proposal to must be born. International center still planned a public activity for the student studying abroad room and pray room.
Short-term course:
  school can appoint course according to the requirement.
Significant time: Long-term and effective

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