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University of New Zealand Oakland in 9 years of recruit students
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New ZealandSet-up time: 1883The location of a school: New Zealand OaklandCampus composition: School type: UniversityProfessional setting: Development research, controversy learns and international business affairs waitSchool property: PublicThe degree that award: Bachelor, double degree, Master, doctor

School survey

Oakland university only then built 1883, it is New Zealand has major most, the university with professional the most complete setting. It not only the history is long, and have advanced science and technology and teaching method. Oakland university or the global university that are engaged in studying the work organize the member of Universitas21, also be institute of university of Pacific Ocean periphery at the same time (Association Of Pacific Rin Universities) member, this association is comprised by the national level university with Asia-Pacific main area. School student number is 27000, 20000 people of undergraduate students, 7000 people of graduate student, have 960 student studying abroads among them, come from 63 nations of world. Still have 1200 teaching and administrative staff in addition.

Current, oakland university already crossed the 2nd its century, become the college with the most all ready class of New Zealand course. Its most excellent in a the most advanced science and technology and teaching method and long tradition part union rises, oakland university is famous 21 universities federation the member in New Zealand, this federation is studied by the learning on international most concentrated university is comprised. It or institute of university of annulus Pacific Ocean are in the university of member annulus Pacific Ocean of New Zealand association (APRU) the education of main state-maintaineding college that includes country of annulus Pacific Ocean and scientific research are differentiated to be 7 institutes, 60 many departments learn unripe number: Undergraduate students 21, 500 graduate students 4, 500 student studying abroads (come from 63 countries) 900 numbers teaching duty: Teacher 1, 470; Staff member 1, 647; The library: Total library adds 12 cent house to collect books in all 1.5 million campus serves: Rich student life serves, exceed 100 students club and mass organizations position: This university is located in the heartland of Oakland city, stand by downtown shopping centre, be close to admirable haven and bay. Appropriate climate condition thes upper part of the body for all sorts of outdoors activities and water Yo motion offerred advantage. As metropolitan, oakland is the city with the biggest New Zealand (population is made an appointment with 1.5 million) the center that also is New Zealand commerce and industry. Oakland International Airport has the main city of airliner and annulus Pacific Ocean, Europe, South America to maintaining connection everyday.

School good reputation and setting
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