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API education group emigrates quickly professional -- construction management
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, project brief introduction:
Curricular name
The country builds project technology three-year institution of higher learning
National structure manages three-year institution of higher learning
National rate measures mathematics

Degree awards
Certificate of Level 6 of New Zealand country

Requirement of enter a school
High school graduates, above of 18 one full year of life, elegant consider success 5.5 or quite level

Eductional systme: 18 months


Curricular characteristic
Build the demand of the industry

Fletcher company is one of construction companies with the biggest New Zealand. The CEO of the company, the gain that in TV one Taichun report says to 2004 Fletchery has 38% grows Mr Ralf Waters, attestation the growth that builds the strong demand that the market lasts and relevant product.

He still points out the artificial and special shortage that building the market, be in especially the personnel that has professional technology. When further explanatory market demand, he says, from abroad the duty that they give priority to to hold the position of project management even sometimes with appraisal design in invited major professional. The personnel that he emphasizes project management is in short supply extremely. Next, he emphasizes building industry to need fine professional public figure to join New Zealand really again.
Build strength of industry paid paid

To the end of Feburary 1999, the employ number in building an industry is 109, 540. Additional, the employee with the direct blame of on 10 thousand, be supplied in factory, raw material and in traffic by employ.
As the industry extend, construction industry arrived from 3.3% growth in total GDP 6.8% . Show in recent investigation, many in building an industry shortage has the talented person of relevant record of formal schooling, build management especially. (annual report of New Zealand government)
Project content:
Curricular content
API built course to offer the professional technical profession that be as follows:
Build design administration
Construction management
Measure value
And, API course offerred following professional full course:
National three-year institution of higher learning builds technical engineering
Build project management to learn
Construction value is measured learn
After the student completes all credit, will be managed by NZQA and issue relevant diploma.
Division department is in charge of: Kate Henderson
His setting: O Lincoln university is practical and scientific MasterO Oakland old course learns bachelorNZCD of OUnitec technology instituteUniversity of O Britannic Colombia - TBDL graduate student
Kate has designed visit in the building worked 25 years in course of study, teach to be mixed at national three-year institution of higher learning in building undergraduate course 12 years.
School survey

Our target is the education that those who offer a student is high quality not only, still have safety and easy environment. Here they can grow professional knowledge and still can study the life with more particular New Zealand and culture.
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