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Oakland college recruit students
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Project brief introduction:
Curricular name:
Oakland university has all divisions to fasten almost, can divide for:
Be on sale of business school economy, accountant, finance, management, information management, travel, market
Research of engineering college building, building, fire control learns, department of electric machinery of design of software of chemical industry, engineering, electron, mechanical engineering, energy project, environment project, civil engineering, estate department
Science of information of courtyard of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, physics, chemical, maths, statistic, biology, flying boat, computer, programming
Division of medicine of college of medicine, optometry, drug family
Literary courtyard law, education, music, classic literature, history, meticulous art

School introduction:
Oakland university is on the world widely known, this university has its famous place really. Its scale is the largest, division department is most, the on exclusive and alive bound famous division in having university of complete New Zealand is, learn like the computer, project, medicine, medicine, building, optometry
Division, it is very famous it is New Zealand even exclusive or boreal island is only. Develop the report of the report of the ministry and UNIVERSITAS 21 according to New Zealand economy, oakland university is the university with best New Zealand, its computer department and engineering department also are
New Zealand is top-ranking. The school founds at 1883, at present student number is 27, 000 people.

Oakland university You Wuxue is unripe more, because this is certain and popular level of family goal enter a school is higher, for example the college of medicine must want interview, the premise that enters interview is to want to reach a certain level in college entrance examination. Other the mark that is like entrance examination of optometry division college wants 350 above square can interview, and stop 10 people every year only, the building fastens a requirement 340 minutes above. Abstruse be in greatly when selecting a student, had chosen best show and English pitch is good, natural its school level is higher, each course has the level that decides firstly.

Project content:
Requirement of enter a school:
Undergraduate students: TOEFL 550 cent or elegant think of 6 minutes of above, partial course requirement is elegant think of 6.5 above. (ask to see detailed regulation about learning)
Graduate student: TOEFL 575 cent or elegant think of 6.5 above, partial course requirement is elegant think of 7 above. (ask to see detailed regulation about learning)

Tuitional: 16000, 21000 New Zealand yuan / year
Average living cost: 10000 New Zealand yuan / year
Significant time: Long-term and effective

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