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Live abroad runs the country the " that help strength stays hand in meeting " to
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Eleventh China studies abroad personnel Guangzhou science and technology communicates meeting general to add live abroad of the State Council newly to do to sponsor an unit, stay in order to expand hand in the meeting is abroad start cover a range, the Chinese advanced just bring into only bring wisdom eye shot.

Xu Zhibiao of Guangzhou deputy mayor expresses on seventeen days of held press conference, guangzhou city will be rolled out more favourable take ability new policy in order to attract " the sea returns " .

This year is to stay hand in can establish 10 years, will hand in at the leaving that holds by this year December meeting, will add live abroad of the State Council newly to do to sponsor an unit, make from current case, stay hand in can sponsor an unit to be in 4 ministries and commissions and Guangzhou municipal government sponsor manpower resource and ministry of national Ministry of Education, science and technology, social security ministry, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly on the foundation, reappearance brandish live abroad does dominant position of overseas Chinese job, intelligence is brought to spend outside increasing the of great capacity, the Chinese that handles live abroad of the State Council long-term connection, attention is advanced just bring into only bring wisdom eye shot.

Current stay hand in the target of the meeting to will attract science and technology of 60 abroad Chinese to get a soldier ability and 100 relevant and professional domains are in international to precede group of innovation science and technology attends the meeting communication; The key attracts large quantities of electron information, biology medicine, advanced make, new material of new energy resources, environmental protection and new agrotechnical reach the high level such as financial administration field second technical qualified personnel.

Occupy Xu Zhibiao of Guangzhou city deputy mayor to divulge, guangzhou municipal government will be in current stay hand in on the meeting first talents of 28 abroad high end are appoint to a position expert advisory body, become Guangzhou municipal government decision-making offer advisory kimono Wu " brain truster " , the member is hired two years. Guangzhou municipal government will be right original " encourage study abroad personnel comes spic poineering job " 10 order undertake be modificationed considerably, emphasize in capital to give aid to, do poineering work cast financing system compose to build, poineering environment is bred, study abroad the respect such as enter a school of personnel social security, children, those who come on stage to have appeal more is abroad study abroad talent of high administrative levels takes ability policy, strive come on stage by this year, in current stay hand in be opposite on the meeting global release.

Stay hand in already can become China level of the most large-scale, state is abroad study abroad Gao Rui's talent and platform of communication of information of project of science and technology, it is China most the talent resource library, oldest abroad talented person studies abroad to communicate the market outside the sea. It is reported, stay this year hand in on the meeting, guangzhou municipal government will be chosen, commend 10 big outstanding study abroad returnee.
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